Why LCVs like a Peugeot Commercial Vehicle Is Right for Business Use

Running a business is so much easier with a Peugeot commercial vehicle that you can use for small deliveries.

Light commercial vehicles are designed for form and function. They have a gross vehicle weight of no more than 3.5 metric tonnes and are usually optimised to be tough, low operating costs, and fuel efficient.

They are also suited for intra-city operations. But light commercial vehicles are not made equal.

What makes Peugeot cars different is that they enhance business operations. They are not just a means of getting around but can also serve as your corner office, depending on the features.

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The ABCs of Light Commercial Vehicles

A. Smaller and more agile

Considering its size, an LCV can move merchandise and people quickly, especially within city limits. This is why all companies, whether large or small, have at least one LCV.

Businesses that are building up a delivery service will find a great use for an LCV too. In fact, experts in fleet management highly recommend a light commercial vehicle for business use.

B. Tough and durable construction

As previously mentioned, LCVs are optimised for a tough build and there’s a good reason for this. Drivers have to make many stops doing deliveries. They frequently open and close doors and hatchbacks that can cause wear and tear on moving parts like hinges.

The only way an LCV can survive wear and tear is for it to be manufactured durable and long lasting.

C. Clear set of functions

A light commercial vehicle is primarily used to transport goods door to door. But not all models are alike. For this reason, businesses should make sure that the vehicle they choose is the right one for the job.

Peugeot Commercial Vehicles

Two of the more popular models of Peugeot light commercial vehicles are Partner and Boxer.

  • Partner

This is a robust and compact van that boasts of an elegant design and precise, expressive lines. It has state-of-the-art technology that ensures driving safety and comfort.

It offers exclusive modular layout options. It can be used as a people carrier with all the seats up and ready to accommodate passengers.

If you need to accommodate loads, fold the side passenger seat to free up load space for loads that are up to 3 m in length and up to 10 cm high. When the side seat cushion is raised completely, an additional 400 litres of load volume can be accommodated.

With these features, find the best Peugeot deals near you.

  • Boxer

Designed robust and economical, Boxer can accommodate a wider maximum weight. It is the perfect choice for a Peugeot commercial vehicle for a business that offers delivery services.

It features a wide opening for easy loading and unloading operations. Its low sill is one of the lowest in the market. Available in 8 different silhouettes that accommodate load volumes ranging from 8 to 17 cubic meters, you’re sure to find the best size for your business needs.

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