Traditional and Alternative Cleaning Solutions for Your Alloy Wheels

More and more people switch to alloy wheels for its aesthetics and easier driving maneuverability. However, many car owners complain about cleaning their wheels as alloy, which is pretty different from the traditional steel wheel, has its own set of maintenance requirements and special cleaning agents and tools. Indeed, cleaning your wheels can be daunting, and there are issues that arise from everyday road use that can make it even more difficult to clean.

Though alloy wheels are generally corrosion-resistant, they can still accumulate foreign materials such as dirt, dust, grease, road salt, tar, brake pad dust, brake shoe wear and tear and various acidic elements from the road. All these things can accumulate and can cause damage to the wheel. Substantial damages can even be permanent. Most tips will often tell you to simply use soap and water to wash your car wheels. But we all know this basic cleaning solution is not enough for getting rid of stubborn dirt and stains, such as rust and grease. If soap and water don’t work, then here are some great cleaning tips you need to apply to keep your wheels look good.

Try Some Homemade Solutions


Homemade cleaning solutions range from lemon juice, vinegar, to cola. Though not guaranteed to bring your wheel back to its original beauty, these are tested-and-proven remedies for specific conditions. Rinsing your wheel with lemon juice for example, is a good way to bring some its shine back. Wet the wheel with lemon juice and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse the juice off and you will notice a significant difference.

For rust problems, you can soak aluminum foil in cola, and use it for sanding the wheels. For grease problems, rubbing a cloth that is soaked with cider vinegar makes for a good remedy. If you have Oxy-Gel kitchen cleaner, then you can also use it for cleaning. However, since it is an oxygenated bleach, make sure you only use small amount of it so you won’t damage your alloy wheel.

Over-the-Counter Solutions


If you’re not fond of using homemade solutions, then you can head over to the easier route and use standard over-the-counter products. There are many special alloy wheel cleaners in auto care shops. Some of the most commonly used includes Eagle One, Hot Rims, Meguiar’s Tesco, Superclean, Castrol, etc. Also, a basic commercial tar remover can help in getting rid of tar stains.

Parting Tips


When looking for cleaning products for your alloy wheels, try products that offer more unique solutions. Never use abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or polishing compounds to clean an alloy wheel. Those cleaning agents and tools are for steel wheels. Also, make sure you use a specially-made brush for alloy wheels so you won’t scratch the surface of your beloved alloy wheels.

Be careful in taking your car to automatic car washes. Sometimes, these car washers use acid-based cleaners to effectively kill bacteria. However, acid can affect the shine of your wheels.

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