Seat covers – a necessity

People subject their car seats to a massive abuse knowingly and unknowingly, yet the seats withstand the pressure. Spilt drinks, moisture from wet swim suits from a long day in summer surfing, friction, ultra-violet  damage, you name it and your car seats go through such menace everyday! While all these might look normal to you, a seat cannot take them all. Leather seats, for example, lose their luster and crack after too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation for it dries out the natural oils. UV also has a bleaching effect on other fabrics causing them to lose their attractiveness. However, all these are controllable with seat covers.

Tips for achieving this

A vehicle not only provides a means of transportation but also is a representation of the personality and identity of the owner. It, therefore, needs to be unique. The best way to make this happen is using the perfect covers for your car. As seat covers in west Gosford come in many materials, colors as well as designs, making the right pick can be quite nerve wracking.

Picking the colors and designs

Picking designs and colors can go as personal as possible. Choose the colors and designs that you love. You can experiment and go for something different that is eye catching but pleasing like one of the radical eye catchy ones. If you like patterns and prints, this is your chance.


The material that you pick plays a very crucial role in determining the look of your car’s interior. Seat covers come in an array of materials to satisfy the needs of many. Here are some of the fabrics

1.     Sheepskin covers – these have a smooth feel to them. They are thermal regulating such that they cool you during summer, and provide warmth in winter. They also have durability for they are quite strong. They provide excellent protection against wear and tear as well as sun damage. They also have moisture absorbing abilities, hence, you will always feel dry.

2.     Neoprene covers – these are made from synthetic rubber making them moisture resistant. Another great advantage that stands out with this material is the fact that it is nonflammable. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your seat cover bursting into flames when a cigarette falls on it.

3.     Poly-cotton – As the name suggests, the material has both polyester and cotton. They are easy to clean, hence, their popularity in the west Gosford seat covers market. They are also soft and strong as well. As most poly cotton materials are usually mixed with a water repellant coating, they offer protection against spills.

Seat covers are the best solution to protect your car seats from drink spillage as well as other uncontrollable accidents. They also cover damage that has already been made to your seats as well as transform the interior of your car and make it tastefully meet your needs. Find yourself the best seat covers in west Gosford with the right color, design and material, and eliminate the worry of damaging your car seats. Visit at: