Importance of Health and Safety Audit

health and safety audit is used to verify the integrity and validity of the health and safety management system in order to impart good practices, and screen out any scope of further modifications and development. After the processing of the audit, the concerned authorities would be subjected to a health as well as safety audit as per the plan. It is a detailed survey on the health and safety management system. It is an on-going process, and it tries to find out whether the management authorities are working properly.

How to conduct the audit properly

The biggest loophole of the safety program of any enterprise is the deficiency of accountability. This weakness mainly occurs when the management system doesn’t conduct a well arranged safety audit.

Generally, the organisations that do not often administer a comprehensive safety audit shall fail to identify and reciprocate to any behavioural or physical hazards before anything unpleasant really occurs. As a result, such organisations end up wasting more time, money, efforts as well as future resources with respect to unwanted workers’ compensation claims in comparison to organisations that actively take part in health as well as safety audits.

Goals of conducting the audits:

These audits are meant to aid in continuous improvement and betterment of any company’s Occupational Health and Safety  or OHS procedures. Therefore, the audits should be able to:

  • Find out the risk levels within any workplace.
  • Make a list of the strengths as well as weaknesses in the safety precautions and procedures of any company.
  • Evaluate whether the safety measures are effective enough for meeting any regulatory requirement.
  • Make a comparison of current documentation as well as practices against the most suitable practices and legal obligations to find out gaps in the safety audits.
  • Suggest probable improvements and modifications to the safety processes
  • Make sure that there are enough resources available for managing the OHS procedures.
  • Make sure that the resources meant for OHS development are being used properly.

What does the audit involve

A health and safety audit of any company’s management system should try to find out whether all the safety measures are working properly and whether further improvement is required.

An audit could be part of any continuous program or an independent project. It should involve:

  • Focusing on a particular activity such as control and care of hazardous systems.
  • Focusing on particular areas of the organisation such as the parking space.
  • Addressing the all-inclusive performance of the health and safety management system of the organisation.

Additionally, the most significant aspect of health and safety audit is devoting the time and efforts to conduct the same and ensure that the audit is well documented.  With the passage of time, it is also important to pre-settle the date on which the audit would be conducted and completed with a corrective action schedule. In order to be consistent with the outcome of the audits, an organisation must be true to the prospects of its systems.