U.S. Embassy Meets with Guyana Women Miner’s Organisation (GWMO)

GEORGETOWN – Leaders of the Guyana Women Miner’s Organisation (GWMO), which represents the rights of women miners and others who work in hinterland communities, met with Ambassador D. Brent Hardt and other U.S. Embassy officials on April 25.  Simona Broomes, President of the GWMO, presented an overview of the organization’s goals, which include highlighting the roles and contributions of women miners; calling attention to the challenges they face; helping to secure financing and access to credit; establishing standardized procedures for resolving challenges; and addressing issues of abuse, trafficking in persons, and forced prostitution.


Broomes and her colleagues shared perspectives with the Ambassador about the issue of trafficking in persons (TIP) in mining communities and how the GWMO has assisted victims of this crime.  She said that the organization seeks to strengthen its network of support to counter TIP in the mining communities.  Ambassador Hardt praised this engagement on behalf of victims, observing that meeting the challenge from TIP requires the active engagement and collaboration of dedicated NGO’s such as the Miner’s Association working in close cooperation with the government and the international community.  He noted, as President Obama has stated, that the United States “stand(s) with those throughout the world who are working every day to end modern slavery, bring traffickers to justice, and empower survivors to reclaim their rightful freedom.”


The Ambassador added that trafficking is a global problem, and that close collaboration with grassroots organizations such as the Guyana Women Miner’s Association, in combination with a victim-centered approach, will help ensure that every man, woman, and child is free from trafficking in persons.  The Ambassador assured Broomes  that the U.S. Embassy looks forward to supporting GWMO’s interaction with its network of TIP partner organizations and institutions in order to more comprehensively address trafficking in persons.


The GWMO expressed interest in participating in training opportunities and workshops for HIV/AIDS and gender issues.  As an organization that promotes gender equality in a sector that has traditionally been dominated by men, the GWMO conveyed its eagerness to learn more, as well as share their valuable insights.

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5 comments on “U.S. Embassy Meets with Guyana Women Miner’s Organisation (GWMO)
  1. great stuff….all the women of guyana,especially unemployed African n Amerindian Guyanese should control the gold n other industries,employ honest family value men
    n make sure that their families gain strong wealth n improved living standards from mining gold n spreading out in other industries to create wealth……from the gold fields to manufacturing everything….
    guyana must rise…….no holding back….
    down with the downpressors….

    the african women of guyana must enforce more “””family values””” within their families….wring dem husbands n children ears…
    Matriarchs are the key…..rally around all mothers…..
    An Early “””Mothers DAY”””

    Security n safety standards are very important ….u all knows the rest…….

  2. When someone is sick, the patient is usually treated for that ailment. Guyana is currently under the control of the Drug Cartels. The U.S. embassy is aware of what transpires. They know all the drug lords. Its time they take some positive action. Stop the pussyfooting.

  3. Educate your children, the power of education controls one destiny.
    Children looks upon their parents for guidance & as their leaders.

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