Jagdeo and the PPP neglected residents of Cane Grove

The Alliance for Change (AFC), represented by Khemraj Ramjattan and Gerhard Ramsaroop, along with political activist, Freddie Kissoon, paid a visit to Cane Grove on the invitation of the residents.  They were lamenting the continued problems they are facing with dust emanating from the rice mill operated by Mr Feyaadul Hakh for over a decade now.

Residents showed the Alliance for Change their homes, with the dust being evident everywhere.  They are forced to keep their windows locked, but even that does not keep the dust out.  One resident came with her child who she said has respiratory ailments because of the dust.  Another resident had to buy a blower to help control the dust in her yard.

Documents were shown to the Alliance for Change indicating no environmental permit was granted to Mr Hakh, nor was permission granted to erect additional silos.  The residents also pointed to the encroachment on the reserve by Mr Hakh.  The AFC is disgusted that these flagrant breaches are being tolerated for so long.  Moreover, despite numerous promises by Mr Hakh and Government officials, including past President, Bharrat Jagdeo and Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, the situation has actually worsened.  The AFC is therefore, demanding that the relevant authorities immediately get Mr Hakh to rectify the situation.

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